Christmas dinner in historical surroundings

Christmas dinner in Skottgården, christmas food the old fashion way.

The menu her in Skottgården is based on the old, traditional food courses. And you do not only get served a historical meal, but you also get the history of why they used to eat this way and how you make it. The old porcelain plates are used to set the table, and to set the mood. You can enjoy delicacies like smoked reindeer heart or boilde reindeer tounge, or rhubarb soup and the rhubarb is picked at Skottgården. Traditional music has also always been a part of Skottgårdens history, so a fiddler or to might show up.

It is also possible to go for a ride with horse and sleigh.

In Skottgården we take on groups between 15- 35 persons. And we can agree on a menu that will suit all the guests.

There is also 8 rooms with double beds, so 16 people can spend the night.

Write us a message at BOOK or Or you can call us at +47 724 13 100.


Welcome to Skottgården, for meomrable stories and a traditional host.