Christmas dinner in Volldalskoja

We wish all of you a warm welcome to a merry christmas dinner in Volldalskoja.

We start with some coffee and homemade christmas treats at the hotel while we wait for the horses to arrive. Drop the nice dress and the suit for the night and wear warm and comfotable clothes. And get ready for a memorable night.

With a horse drawn sleigh on an old cattle track the ride goes to Volldalskoja. Volldalskoja is a house where you can be your self, relax and let the sound of the open fire make your heartbeat slow down. Koja is bulit with big timber logs from the deep woods of Femundsmarka and the big stones in the walls are from the old border bridge between Norway and Sweden. Inside there is open fire and candles all around, tasty mountain fish and smoked reindeer. While outside the weather goes from the clearest sky with northertn lights and stars to windy winter weather. The best about the big stone watch hanging on the wall inside, is the fact that it doesnt work… Because here you are supposed to feel the time standing still.


After a delicious meal the horses take us back to the hotel. Where you can enjoy something from the bar or dancing, live music.