“People need a place to recreate,” our grandfather said.


Back in 1926, Ole P. Skott bought Vauldalen farm. Ole and his wife Gjertrud had five children, Ingeborg, Per, Olav, Bjarne, and Sofie. Per inherited  Vauldalen Gård, and Olav became the manager for the store that grew into a big supermarket, a furniture store, and a hardware store.

In 1964 he established Vauldalen Turiststasjon together with “besta” Sollaug his wife. Back then it was Trøndelags biggest investment in tourism. Unfortunately, Olav died too young, in 1983, so aunt Berit and our mother, Jorid, took over the family business in 1981 since grandfather was ill.  But grandfather was a visionary and in the 60`s he wanted to create a place where people could recreate, he decided not to have tv in the rooms, and we have honored that choice there for our tv are found in the common areas. In our common area, you can enjoy coffee and homemade biscuits on the house when you need a break from the peace and quiet.

Grandfather also said that we had to remember that the people who come to us are not numbers on a list, but our guests, and this is something we follow and are grateful he thought us and everyone gets the same welcome and treatment no matter who you are.

Our mother was only 21 when she took over the business with her older sister in 1981. They changed the name to Vauldalen fjellhotel in 1991. Mother took over the whole business in 1995 with her husband Ole Peder Svendsen and us the kids Oda Mari and Ann-Sofi. Our grandmother used to guide guests to Sweden until she was 93 years old, she was an amazing woman that did pretty much everything around the hotel.

Today we are facing a new change and it is our turn, me and my sisters to take this place into the future. We are excited, humble and proud to continue with the work our parents and grandparents have started.

Welcome to the mountains!