Inform and get inspired

Here at Vauldalen you can arrange meetings and courses in a climate fitting for learning and for exploring the tasks at hand. We have locations suited for groups of all sizes and we customize the stay that suits you and your needs the best.

In addition to having your meeting, conference or course here we offer a range of teambuilding activities. So whether you prefer dog sledding, snowmobile rides, or an afternoon spent in a lavvo around the fire hearing about our Sami culture and sharing stories those are just some of the things we can do for you. And we recommend ending a long day in the sauna with a good cold snow bath. The ski tracks are also right by the hotel and the mountains are waiting to give you a break.

During the summer and fall the area around is great for a hike, you can fish, pick berries or be with a guide who can tell you all the secrets of the mountains. So how about enjoying lunch outside for a break? With the cold mountain air filling your lungs and the sound of an open fire forcing your heartbeat to slow down.

It is also possible to go for horseback riding in september. But this you should book early.

We offer many different adventures and facilitate for you so that your stay will be memorable.

Call us at +47 724 13 100 or send us a message at BOOK or to make reservations for your stay.