Across Rørosvidda with horse and sleigh

With winter in your face and history behind you…

Throughout the centuries, horse and sleigh has been the main form of transportation for trade to Røros. The travellers from beyond the mountains became a familiar sight, and they brought with them tales of their world. Swedes, also known as Forbønder, were very welcome guests when they stopped to rest and share food, music and stories at the “journey farms”. To this very day these trips are still being made to Rørosmartnan.
At Vauldalen Fjellhotell we are passionate about giving you the same experience – sitting in a horse-drawn sleigh and feeling the tingling thrill of being part of a midwinter adventure. On the farms they wait in anticipation for our arrival, for this is a rare opportunity to share stories, the latest news about people from the town and sample goods that are otherwise difficult to get hold of.
The route over Rørosvidda runs along the old winter road, just the same as was used in the past. The striking beauty of nature, untouched by the passage of time – witnessing it all really is very affecting. When lodging at the “journey farms” you will see that they care equally about attending to humans and horses.
One thing is for certain: when the sound of the Forbønder is heard people gather around them in delight. This is their chance for social interaction between village and city – today, just as in the past. This is what we hope you will share with us!
With winter in your face and history behind you…
Across Rørosvidda by horse and sleigh
A journey through a World Heritage that very few people get to experience today!
Husband Ole Peder joins the tour as a guide and to pass on his knowledge of the interaction between horse and man. All equipment for the trip is as it was then, and you can borrow an old fur coat, or mudd, for the entire journey. Most tools are original. As Ole Peder says, “I will offer an honest experience and it must be real. Everything that has been rebuilt has been constructed according to traditional craft methods.”

Housewife Jorid comes along as a cook, guide and witty relief. No one who has met her forgets her easily, because she gives of herself and lives by the motto: “To reach a heart, you have to touch a heart!” She cooks the food along with some help from the party – the traditional way, with campfire and pans. In her travelling case she brings delicacies, both of the wet and dry sorts….. to eat and to drink – all especially All prepared for genuine travellers in following the ancient route of the Forbønder.

First day
Pickup at Røros, where we will share a little storytelling on the road to Vauldalen Fjellhotell. This will be your first experience with our horses and sleigh. From the hotel we go by horse and sleigh to Volldalskoja where a three-course dinner produced from local ingredients awaits, along with entertainment.
Second day
After a nice breakfast we pack the sledges and leave Vauldalen behind.We will make a fire in the woods when it is time for a break, and we`ll make fresh
coffee and have some “tjukksnipp”.
We will arrive at Skottgården in Brekken where we will have lunch and settle in for the night. In the afternoon we will take a ride around the village we will go to moen, and bua the old store where they still have items from the 50`s and 60`. Then we will make a stop at the forbonde statue, a reminder of all the people that crossed the border and got shelter in Brekken.
Then we will go back to Skottgården to finish the evening with a good meal and local, live music.
Third day
Enjoy a delicious breakfast at Skottgården, before preparing the packaging of the sleds. Our caravan gets going, and it’s time to just take it all in. After a while we stop to make a campfire and enjoy coffee and traditional pastries. Later we have lunch in the manner of the Swedish Forbønder, eating Kølbulle. We lodge at the “journey farm” Billehaugen in Hitterdalen. First the horses are taken care of, and then we are served a traditional Forbonde dinner, with sour cream porridge and fish. There is entertainment and music.
Fourth day
Breakfast is served from our travelling case. Along the route we pause to make a fire and enjoy coffee and local homemade lefse pancakes. We stable our horses in a journey farm and more stories are shared about the Forbønder who kept this tradition as a supplement to their livelihood. There is then an opportunity for a shower followed by a traditional lunch at Røros. Transport to train/flights.